Greetings and welcome to my portfolio websites. My name is Travis and I research transmedia storytelling, interactive narratives, and digital design. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Digital Media at Georgia Tech. Below is a list of some of my projects I’ve worked on, please feel free to use the menu bar above to navigate to any other pages you may wish to visit. Of note, the code from a few of these projects can be found on my GitHub page: https://github.com/tgasque3/

Digital Media Projects

Tunetable 2

TuneTable Tangible Computing Table – An interactive museum installation, that uses programmatic concepts to introduce users to programming.


Twine Games – A series of interactive narrative games created in Twine for Janet Murray.


Tweet 2 Speak – Mock-up website for Arduino project which scrapes Twitter and reads relevant tweets out to users.

IPCase Create

Intellectual Property Case Creator – A website created to teach users about the language and concepts of Intellectual Property case creation.


Georgia Budget Watch – A website created to provide transparency to residents of the state of Georgia.

Flock of Language – Created by combining Processing and Twitter. This project creates a flock of boids based on scraped Tweets which interact and swarm based on different variables.

Communal Faces – Using Facial Recognition and Processing this program captures and stores facial features of the user. The program then superimposed a random feature from its database onto the user’s face.


Wizards vs Cryptozoic Case Comparison – A website created to explain the implications and nature of the Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering vs Cryptozoic Hex: Shards of Fate court case.

King Spider – A robotic pet spider created using Bioloids. The spider searches and follows the brightest light in the room.

Tabletop RPG Recordings

In addition to my digital products I also host a number of podcasts relating to the Tabletop Roleplaying Medium. The Drunk and the Ugly is a podcast where I design run and play in RPG games. Ugly Talks is another podcast that discusses transmedia techniques for the dissection of media to be used as fodder for RPG Game Masters and designers.