Below are some of my personal writings and publications. Their topics range from Narrative Design to Genre Evolution. I am currently working on a number of articles, but am taking a break from writing to be assessed for learning disabilities.

Design Agency: Dissection the Layers of Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaign Design – Master Thesis. From Summary: In the field of digital media, the study of interactive narratives holds the aesthetics of agency and dramatic agency as core to digital design. These principles hold that users must reliably be able to navigate the interface and the narrative elements of the artifact in order to have a lasting appeal. However, due to recent academic and critical discussions several digital artifacts are being focused on as possible new ways of engaging users. These artifacts do not adhere to the design aesthetics foundational to digital media, but represent a movement away from the principle of dramatic agency in interactive narratives. In an attempt to understand this separation and offer a solution to this developing issue, another non-digital interactive medium was studied: tabletop role-playing games. The designers of this medium were studied to understand the techniques and methods they employed to create dramatic interactive narratives for their users. These case studies suggested the designers used a third design aesthetic, design agency, to help balance the tension between agency and dramatic agency of the users of their medium. This design aesthetic could provide a balancing force to the current issues arising within interactive narrative. My master’s thesis that translates the analog design of tabletop roleplaying games into a language digital designers can use.

The New Cosmic Horror: A Genre Molded by Tabletop Roleplaying Games and Postmodern Horror – Science Fiction Research Association Review Winter 2015. This article investigates the evolution of the Cosmic Horror genre through the introduction of new media and shifts in social and cultural understandings. This article was presented at the Science Fiction Research Association conference and Current Research in Science Fiction conference in Liverpool, England in July 2016.