Interactive Narrative Games

This page contains multiple games created for Janet Murray’s Interactive Narrative class. All these stories utilize Twine in their creation and were created exemplify certain aspects of interaction story creation.

Visitation – On the side of I-85 you have a final visitation to make. This IN was designed to focus on the spatial aspect of storytelling.

Adventure Chronicles – This IN focused on the temporal aspect available in digital storytelling by emulating pulp era choose your own adventure novels. (If you would please read the following sentence in a ’50s radio serial voice) “Welcome to the opening of a brand you series: Adventure Chronicles! Choose your party well and prepare to face the danger of the FOREST OF LOSS!”

It’s A Guard’s Life – This IN focused on the use of Story Element Substitution System – such as those of Propp or Campbell – to create multiple stories out of a simple choice substitutions. An attempt to recreate the styling of a dark fantasy setting similar to the one in Glenn Cook’s The Black Company series. Specifically, I tried to create a morpheme for the morally gray situations the characters in the story usually had to face.

A Peek Behind – This IN was a prototype for the final project in the class.  I tried to recreate a situation similar in feel to opening events of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and other Urban Fantasy settings. Specifically, the scenes where a normal person gets their first glimpse at the unnatural world that lies beneath the everyday mundane. This story was eventually used as the basis for the combined genre project shown below.

A Day in the Life – 3rd part of a 5 part group project set in a Super Hero world. Player’s take the role of a homeless vigilante and observe daily life in a city under siege by a super villain. This project was the final group project for the Interactive Narrative class. The goal of the project was to design a genre story with multiple writers and characters all while combining techniques from the previous projects.