Curriculum vitae

Click here to download a .pdf of my C.V.: Terra Gasque Fall 2020

Academic Projects

  • Dinostore, created in DILAC, a stealth action game that show what it’s like trying to avoid infection while shopping in a grocery store during the time of a pandemic. The game and it’s back-end mechanical systems were utilized into the Indiecade Jamming the Curve slow-jam a both examples and creative frameworks for participants.
  • Tarot Tops which is researching the connection between Tarot, Tabletop Roleplaying games, and AI story creation.
  • Telling Lies Video Database. Created in the DILAC lab this database is being used to study if Sam Barlow’s Database Narrative games can become their own genres.
  • Created a Tangible Interactive Table to introduce and attempt to interested user to programmatic concepts and coding principles.
  • Created Wireframes for both Websites and Applications for various subject matters including: Biometric Security and Tabletop Game Organization
  • Designed and Engineered DramaTech Theater production props, including dueling pistols and case, wilting flowers, and grasping vines. Created design sketches for redesign/reimagining of Audrey II for Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Designed and engineered mechatronics for university homecoming display competition three years in a row.
  • Programmed and assembled robot to follow visual and tactile commands to navigate a maze.
  • Troubleshot robotic systems, using knowledge of microprocessors, programmable controllers, and various other systems.

Additional Experience

The Drunk and the Ugly Forums  – ’11 – Current – Editor, Content Writer/Designer

  • Commission editor for forum members.
  • Wrote, directed, and consulted forum members on story creation, construction, and application.

Fiverr – ’13 – ’14 – Custom Audio Editor

  • Edited prerecorded audio to radio quality per customer requests.


Georgia Institute of Technology – ’14 – Current – Ivan Allan College Web Developer 

  • Created website for faculty to personal specifications.
  • Currently assisting the West Side Project integrate websites and implementing coherent design specifications.
  • Consultant and data visualization expert for various faculty projects.

The Drunk and the Ugly  – ’12 – Current – Co-Producer, Co-Editor, Content Writer/Designer, and Logistic Coordinator

  • Edit prerecorded material to podcast and radio quality.
  • Wrote and directed scenarios for main podcast.
  • Writer, director, and editor for campaign for Patreon patrons.

1­800Courier – ’14 – Logistic Coordinator 

  • Worked alongside Google to manage and assist the San Francisco courier fleet during delivery windows.

Porex Corporation – ’09 – ’11 – Mechanical Engineering Coop and Part­-Time Engineer 

  • Coded micro­comparator routines to inspect manufactured and prototype parts to customer specifications.
  • Manufactured testing equipment to guarantee prototype and manufactured parts meet customer and R&D requirements.
  • Trained company technicians in the proper use and development of micro comparator routines.
  • Performed statistical and diagnostic studies on the feasibility of product and improvement based on R&D’s changes.
  • Researched modifications for existing products to eliminate malfunctions and reduce material waste.
  • Assisted Management with the merger of MicroPore and Porex Corporation facility.